A Forever Home

You may not be aware that Pets without Parents has been in the process of looking for a new facility. The building that we are in now is being rented and we would like to move into a place of our very own. A forever home. One that is more suited to our and our animals’ needs.

A forever home is a secure, safe place where all one’s needs are met. A forever home is one  where you can always find support from your loving family. A forever home is one that can not be taken away.

Since our start in 2001, Pets without Parents has been dedicated to helping animals find their forever home. Now we need a forever home of our own!

Our current facility is no longer meeting our needs. After 3 different moves into rented properties, we would like this move to be our last.

We are looking for many things in a new facility and some of the necessities include:

  • A larger facility to allow us to house more animals comfortably
  • Sounder structure with more sanitary surfaces to control disease
  • Stability and freedom by not having a landlord
  • Larger dog cages without tops so we could have larger breed dogs
  • Multi-level cat cages so our kittens can jump and play
  • A better, safer floor plan
  • Additional meeting spaces for adopters to meet our animals
  • Additional indoor and outdoor play space
  • More cat condos and cage-free living
  • An intake room for new animals
  • An isolation room for sick animals
  • A holding room for new arrivals
  • A more customer-friendly layout
  • Volunteer lounge/meeting area for groups to help with orientation
  • A pet supply store that has agreed to donate part of its profits
  • Future ability to add a spay/neuter clinic and on-site vet

Please help us find our forever home so we can help more animals find theirs!

The fur-ever home fund has been created for those who would like their money to specifically go to a new facility. We appreciate any contribution you can make to help our Pets without Parents family find its forever home!

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Update: Fergie

A couple weeks ago a sweet, emaciated cat came to us looking for help. At the time, we were unsure what exactly was causing her to be so skinny. Since she was found on the street, it could have been anything.

Fergie, as she is now known. has now been to the vet and been treated.We started by giving her a course of antibiotics to help with her runny nose and eyes. After a vet visit, we found out the reason this sweetie wasn’t eating much was that some of her teeth were rotten. A couple of days ago, Fergie went to the vet and had several of her teeth removed. We also found out that she is Feline Leukemia positive so she will need to be the only cat in the household or be with other cats who have Feline Leukemia.

Fergie is a very forgiving cat. We have no way to know what she went through living on the streets, but we are just happy that we were able to help her. She is just a delight! She perks right up when you open her cage and will just purr while you pet her. She even likes being held although it may not be comfortable since she is still so skinny. It is thanks to donations from our amazing supporters that we are able to take in animals with medical needs that would otherwise be left untreated.

Fergie is eating more already and has started bathing herself. She has made it through a rough patch in her life and is ready for a care-free life with a new family where she will never be left alone to fend for herself again.

Fergie is about 7 years old and simply the sweetest cat. Won’t you give her the safety and stability she deserves?

On Friday Fergie went into foster care and she is already doing very well. She was quick to explore the place and was happy just to be free from a cage. The first thing she did was try to nestle into a lap. And she couldn’t stop purring! Fergie is so much happier and comfortable. Now all she needs is a forever home with a loving family.

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Black kitty special!

As many people know, black animals are the hardest to get adopted. Often people are superstitious about adopting black animals or they seem to think that they are less friendly; however, studies have shown that black cats are actually calmer!

We think that black kitties are just as nice as any other cat and we currently have a ton of black cats and kittens looking for homes!

In order to find our many black kitties homes, we are having a black cat adoption special until the end of August! Currently, all black cats have reduced adoption fees. If you adopt one black kitty, you will save 25% and if you adopt two together, you will save 50%. (Special includes cats and kittens of all ages, but they must be black. Black and white do not count unless it is only a little white)

The special requires the normal application process with refernce and vet checks. It is for applications received on July 14- August 31.

Black cats and kittens we currently have include:
Click names for a link to their complete petfinder profile

Timbit– (ADOPTED!) Male, domestic short hair, about 4 months old

Thin Mint– (In Foster, contact us if you would like to meet her!) Female, domestic short hair/Bombay mix, about a year old

Shelly– Female, domestic short hair, over a year old- I’m a mama!

Houdini– Female, domestic short hair, 2-3 months old

Stash– Male, domestic short hair, about 2 months old

Griffin– (ADOPTED!) Male, domestic short hair, 5-6 months old

Dragon-(ADOPTED!) Male, domestic short hair, 5-6 months old

Jax– (ADOPTED!) Male, domestic long hair/Maine Coon mix, 11 months old

Bodhi– (ADOPTED!) Male, domestic short hair, about 2 years old

Journey– (ADOPTED!) Female, domestic short hair, 2-3 months old

Cat Woman– Female, domestic short hair, 2-3 months old

Do Si do– (ADOPTED!) Male, domestic medium hair, 3-4 months old

Clint– (ADOPTED!) Male, domestic medium hair, 6-8 weeks old

Figero– (ADOPTED!) Male, domestic short hair, 2-3 months old

or click here to see all available cats

The study mentioned earlier was referenced in Temple Grandin’s Animals Make Us Human.Grandin explains that black is a non-dominant gene, but it shows up more in city cats. Since black cats are calmer they are more patient when mating, so they breed more often than the other agressive cats that spend their time fending off other males!

However, as we all know, every cat is different no matter what color or even breed! And we are not saying that ALL our black kitties are calm lap cats; some are very playful! What we are saying is don’t let any superstitions prevent you from giving a black cat a loving home! Come meet ours and see which one fits your lifestyle and personality best! With so many, we have the right match for anyone!

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New Arrivals!

A common question that people ask us is where our animals come from. For the most part our puppies come from kill shelters but we do also occasionally take owner surrenders. Pets without Parents often gets calls and emails from shelters in Ohio (and beyond) that have gotten in puppies they are unable to care for. Since county shelters have disease more often and are overcrowded, young puppies are often scheduled to be euthanized. It is important that we save them so they have a chance at life!

Our recent arrivals were taken in as an owner surrender to save them from potentially being taken to a kill shelter. These guys came in on Thursday from Athens.

                                 Click any of the pictures below for a complete profile.


Toya (ADOPTED!), the mother, is approximately a year and a half. She is a hound mix with possibly some sheltie in her. She is a happy girl and is glad that after we spay her, she will finally be free from having more puppies. She’s ready for a more fulfilling life with a forever family that will take care of her for a change. She promises to give love in return!

Toya was rescued with two of her litters. One litter is 6 months old now and there are two pups: Taj (below-top) and Tavie (ADOPTED!) (below-bottom).



These two closely resemble their mother but at only 6 months they are already larger than her. We expect them to about 50-60 pounds when they are full grown. They spent the first part of their lives in a back yard and have never really gotten to go out on a leash. They are proving to be quick learners though and love to have people take them out for walks so they can explore this big city!

Toya also came with her newest litter, four 7 week old puppies: Terri (ADOPTED!), True (ADOPTED!), Troy (ADOPTED!), and Tank (ADOPTED!) (pictures in order). These guys look different from their mother so they must have taken more after their dad. Our best guess is that they are hound/spaniel mixes and we expect them to be 50-60 pounds when they are full grown.

These puppies just LOVE attention and would love for you to come and meet them! We’re so glad to be able to give them a chance at life that won’t include having countless litters of puppies!

       Terri         True

Troy  Tank

The fact that Toya had multiple unwanted litters is so common. Since they were turned in, it is obvious that the owner did not want the first litter of puppies. So why was Toya allowed to have a second litter? This bunch shows the importance of spaying and neutering! If we could get more people to spay and neuter their pets, there would not be cases of unwanted litters like these guys. Be sure to pass the word and educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering!

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Pets with Medical Needs

Pets without Parents gets countless calls by people trying to surrender their pets or people who have found stray pets. Some of these calls come from people who have found injured animals. A lot of shelters do not have the means to deal with animals that need medical treatment, so when we can, we try to help them out.

The donations we regularly get are not always enough to cover these expenses. The adoption fees rarely cover the medical expenses either. This is why we rely on your support to help us treat these animals that come into our shelter. Without additional donations for these special cases, we wouldn’t be able to help animals who need medical attention.

Within the past couple of days we have taken in a couple animals that need our help.  This is where we look to you for support.


The first animal we got in is a cat that was found in the road.The cat is very skinny but wants nothing more than to be loved. She is such a forgiving cat and needs our help to get back to a healthy weight so she can be more comfortable. She is slowly starting to eat the food we have given her. She will soon go to the vet to make sure there is nothing medically wrong that may have caused weight loss.


This precious girl was hard to get a picture of because she wanted to be petted so bad! For whatever she has gone through, she is such a loving cat! Come meet her for yourself!

The second animal we took in is a young (about 5 months) pit mix puppy now named Ocean. She was found as a stray and brought into Pets without Parents. She is a very loving pup, but she is limping on one of her back legs.

Ocean went to the vet today for X-rays and her knee had been previously broken and healed funny since she did not get proper care at the time. There is nothing the vet can do except put Ocean on supplements to make her leg more comfortable. These will help her joints move more smoothly, like medication for arthritis does for people.

Although Ocean did not need surgery, the vet bills incured from her X-rays will be more than what is covered in her adoption fee. We need help with these expenses.



Despite her slight limp, Ocean is a happy girl and just likes to be loved. As you can see, she was enjoying some love from Heather, one of our staff members. She just adores everyone she meets!

Ocean already has an approved home with a loving family. They even have another dog (who they adopted from Pets without Parents last year) for her to play with! Ocean has already gone home! 🙂

When animals come to us with medical issues, we need to be ready! Had these animals needed surgeries, it is important that we have money set aside to help them so we don’t have to turn them away. There is now a donation fund for animals with medical needs on our website. It is on the right sidebar.

Please consider making a donation to this fund so we can be ready next time a sick or injured animal needs us! If we don’t help them, who will?

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Run with the Pack 2011

                 The results are in! The registrants are tallied! The money is counted!


This year’s Run with the Pack was a great success due to the support from so many different people. This year we had 245 particpants (up from 198 in 2010)! Thanks to the increase in participants and the generous sponsors we were able to raise (drum roll please!) $12, 356 (with a couple more donations coming in)!

These funds are crucial to help pay the bills and keep the shelter going so that we can help save more animals. As our largest fundraiser, we count on Run with the Pack to provide us with the money we need. With everyone’s help we were able to raise over a thousand more than last year! We hope that this event can continue to grow and we can raise even more next year!

                       Runner  Dog  Remy  Runner

It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect! Many came out to celebrate the day with Pets without Parents. Some came to walk, some to run, some were there to join the fun and make new friends, and others came in search of a forever home.

               Harry running

Harry, one of the cute little adoptables we brought, got to enjoy the new smells and meet many new friends. Harry even was taken on the walk by a lovely volunteer and got right into the action.

All the dogs (Harry, Keya, Leroy, Tanner, Remy) got to enjoy the day out and thank those who were working to save animals like them. The best part? ALL of the dogs who went to the run have been adopted and are all now in loving homes!

This fundraiser is so important to the shelter and we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout! Thanks again to all the volunteers, sponsors, vendors, and participants! Without all of you, this event would not be possible.

Did you go to the run? Please leave a comment and let us know what you thought! Personal stories are always welcome!

Hope to see everyone again next year!!

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Welcome to our new blog!

This will be a place for volunteers, adopters, and everyone else to learn more about what goes on at the shelter. We hope to use this blog to write more about daily happenings at the shelter as well as adoptable animals. This will allow everyone to be more informed about what is happening at the shelter and give potential adopters more information on our animals. We hope to post 1-2 times per week in order to keep you best informed.

Things that you can look forward to include information about:

  • New arrivals
  • Special cases (animals with medical conditions, etc)
  • Foster testimonials
  • PWP Events
  • Adoptable animals

This blog is for the readers, so if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them or email them to morganschunn@aol.com. Also email if you are a foster or volunteer and would be interested in writing a post yourself!

The first blog post will be here shortly and will give you details about our recent Run with the Pack. Be sure to check back soon!

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