Volunteers make PWP possible!

As a non-profit Pets Without Parents relies heavily on volunteers to help keep the shelter running smoothly. Volunteers allow us to care for and house the animals, as well as help us with other needs.

Some volunteers and groups go above and beyond the call of duty. They organize projects or events that significanly help the shelter. One of these groups is OCLC, a non-profit library cooperative organization in Dublin, who came to the shelter about a week ago for Community Care Day.

In 2010, the group came to the shelter for the first time and painted two of our rooms. After such a successful year, the group decided to return again this year. This year the group helped paint the front dog room, as well as clean out our back building where we store our supplies. The group helped make the shelter more beautiful and better organized.

Peggy, one of the volunteers for the day, said “It’s obvious that the animals in the shelter are well-cared-for and well- loved.  And the shelter has great leadership. I can’t speak highly enough of Meg (Volunteer Coordinator) who kept us all busy and Amy (Shelter Director) who is so clearly dedicated to the well-being of the all the animals in her care.”

Supplies from the back building that were moved in order to clean

The group put in a lot of hard work and we greatly appreciate everything they did for us! Volunteers included:

  • Peggy (former parent to a Golden Retriever, a Beagle, two Yorkies and three cats)
  • Ellen (parent to two Golden Retrievers and a cat)
  • Sharon (currently pet-less but former parent to a Golden/Samoyed mix and a large white unknown mix with blue eyes)
  • Jeff (former parent to 2 Black Labs and a cat)
  • Susie (parent to three Chihuahuas)  
  • Nick (proud former parent to a Lab/Beagle mixed-breed)
  • Robb (parent to Bella the Italian Greyhound, Daphne the Miniature Pinscher and Buddy the Shih-Tzu)
  • Stephen (owned by two Dalmatians)
  • Karen (former parent to Morgan, her sweet Bichon Frise)
  • Stephanie (parent to a noisy Maine Coon)

    Puppy break!

In order for the group to paint we also had to have most of our dogs out of the shelter. Many volunteers stepped up and fostered dogs for the day. We thank these volunteers too! Without everyone working together, this day would not have been possible. We appreciate everyone’s help. The shelter and back building look amazing.

It is the volunteers that make Pets Without Parents possible! Thank you to all volunteers for everything you do!

Not a volunteer? Visit our website to find out how you can get involved!


About petswithoutparents

Pets Without Parents, founded in June of 2001, is a non-profit, no-kill, all-breed shelter for dogs and cats. Our mission is to place every pet that enters our shelter into a loving, permanent home; to motivate our local community to support our shelter, its no-kill mission, and spay-neuter efforts through donation, volunteer, and adoption opportunities...until every pet goes home. We strive to create a community that nurtures and respects companion animals, and to someday see that every pet is loved. In order to create such a community, Pets Without Parents functions as a pet adoption shelter, carefully placing pets into forever homes. Additionally, we do everything in our power to reduce the pet overpopulation. Every pet is spayed or neutered before going to his or her new home. We can only accomplish our mission by educating the community and sharing our beliefs that we are creating a better world for these wonderful animals. In 2010, we found homes for 327 cats and 432 dogs (total of 759 adoptions), many of which came from kill shelters. This is a 15% increase from 2009.
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