Holiday Open House and Pawtacular Sale

What better way to prepare for the holidays than with Pets Without Parents? On December 10 from 12-5 we are holding a Holiday Open House with many great holiday festivities! Come out and enjoy the day with us while buying great holiday gifts and visiting the fur babies!

Festivities include:
· Brand new pet items for sale: Fresh catnip, Vet’s Best supplements, Simple Solutions Paw Safe Cleaning products, and Bags on Board products- all 50% off retail price)
· Chair Massages from 2-5pm by Barbara Huebner, LMT
· Reiki from 12:30-2pm by Elizabeth Buchal-Condon of Winding Path Cottage
· A gift wrapping station- take the hassle out of the holidays and let us wrap your presents for you!
· A puppy kissing booth for picture taking
· Personalized pet collars
· Refreshments
Holiday sponsorships and our Rescue calendars will also be available!
What better gift to give an animal lover than a donation in their name? Holiday sponsorship packages are different level donations that are made in the recipient’s name. Each package comes with different Pets Without Parents goodies.

The Top Dog/Cat’s Meow Level:
For $60 your recipient will receive:
– a personalized certificate suitable for framing
– a car magnet
– a 2011 PWP Rescue Pets Calendar
– a PWP T-shirt
Two Paws up Level:
For $35 your recipient will receive:
– a personalized certificate suitable for framing
– a 2011 PWP Rescue Pets Calendar
Tail Waggin’ Level
For $15 your recipient will receive:
– a personalized certificate suitable for framing
– a car magnet

Feeling lucky? We will also be selling raffle tickets for a Christmas tree of lottery tickets! You don’t need to be present to win and the winner will be announced on December 22 (around 7:30pm).

Join us to celebrate the holidays on December 10 and help the cats and dogs at the same time! All proceeds from our festivities will go directly to help the animals in our care!

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Volunteers make PWP possible!

As a non-profit Pets Without Parents relies heavily on volunteers to help keep the shelter running smoothly. Volunteers allow us to care for and house the animals, as well as help us with other needs.

Some volunteers and groups go above and beyond the call of duty. They organize projects or events that significanly help the shelter. One of these groups is OCLC, a non-profit library cooperative organization in Dublin, who came to the shelter about a week ago for Community Care Day.

In 2010, the group came to the shelter for the first time and painted two of our rooms. After such a successful year, the group decided to return again this year. This year the group helped paint the front dog room, as well as clean out our back building where we store our supplies. The group helped make the shelter more beautiful and better organized.

Peggy, one of the volunteers for the day, said “It’s obvious that the animals in the shelter are well-cared-for and well- loved.  And the shelter has great leadership. I can’t speak highly enough of Meg (Volunteer Coordinator) who kept us all busy and Amy (Shelter Director) who is so clearly dedicated to the well-being of the all the animals in her care.”

Supplies from the back building that were moved in order to clean

The group put in a lot of hard work and we greatly appreciate everything they did for us! Volunteers included:

  • Peggy (former parent to a Golden Retriever, a Beagle, two Yorkies and three cats)
  • Ellen (parent to two Golden Retrievers and a cat)
  • Sharon (currently pet-less but former parent to a Golden/Samoyed mix and a large white unknown mix with blue eyes)
  • Jeff (former parent to 2 Black Labs and a cat)
  • Susie (parent to three Chihuahuas)  
  • Nick (proud former parent to a Lab/Beagle mixed-breed)
  • Robb (parent to Bella the Italian Greyhound, Daphne the Miniature Pinscher and Buddy the Shih-Tzu)
  • Stephen (owned by two Dalmatians)
  • Karen (former parent to Morgan, her sweet Bichon Frise)
  • Stephanie (parent to a noisy Maine Coon)

    Puppy break!

In order for the group to paint we also had to have most of our dogs out of the shelter. Many volunteers stepped up and fostered dogs for the day. We thank these volunteers too! Without everyone working together, this day would not have been possible. We appreciate everyone’s help. The shelter and back building look amazing.

It is the volunteers that make Pets Without Parents possible! Thank you to all volunteers for everything you do!

Not a volunteer? Visit our website to find out how you can get involved!

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Kitty Litter! A special deal for PWP

There are many items that Pets Without Parents goes through quickly. Sue Meigs, the owner of Dog Works/Cats2, has graciously offered to keep an eye out for deals that she can offer the shelter. Each month she hopes to find a great deal on an item that the shelter needs. She has a created a page where supporters can go to order the item. This way you can support Pets without Parents without even leaving the house!

This month’s deal is… KITTY LITTER, and boy do we go through a lot of kitty litter! Just imagine having up to 20 kitty litter boxes at any one time- that means lot of litter is needed to keep them clean! Having fresh litter not only reduces the smell in the shelter but also helps minimize disease and maximizes the comfort of our animals.

The deal, is 40lbs of scoopable kitty litter for $6.99. Orders will then be delivered to Dog Works/Cats2, who then has agreed to bring the supplies to the shelter! In order to waive the shipping cost, you must select “pick up at seller’s location” once you add the item to your cart. Then click “update cart” (see picture below). But remember, you don’t even have to pick it up since Sue will be delivering it!

Let’s take advantage of this (and future) deals that Sue has graciously set up for us! The kitty litter special ends on September 23, so be sure to put your order in by then. Your donations tremendously help keep the animals at the shelter healthy and happy!

*If you have any trouble ordering, please let us know and we can help you!*

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Outcome of Cat Specials

At Pets without Parents we strive to find every animal a loving forever home, but there are some animals that seem to be overlooked. Three common types of animals that get overlooked are mother cats, older cats, and black cats and kittens. In order to encourage adopters to look at these animals, we have had special promotions, and they have had a great results!
Although the specials lower or eliminate the adoption fee, the rest of the adoption process is the same, so we are confident the animals are still going to wonderful homes. The specials simply get people talking about those particular animals and encourage people to meet them- and once people meet them, they are stuck!
Our two recent promotions have been:
The Black Cat Special
This promotion was 25% off one black cat or kitten or 50% off two black cats or kittens. We started this promotion back in the middle of July because the shelter was full of black cats and kittens. We had 14! Guess what? Everyone except 5 have been adopted! Although the special ends at the end of August, these cats and kittens still need homes! The remaining black cats and kittens include:
Female, domestic short hair/Bombay mix, about a year old  (In Foster, contact us if you would like to meet her!)
 Female, domestic short hair, over a year old- She’s  a mama!
Female, domestic short hair, 4-5 months old
 Male, domestic short hair, about 3-4 months old
Female, domestic short hair, 4-5 months old
Please help us find these beautiful animals homes. They may not have unusual markings, but they have amazing personalities and is easy to fall in love with any one of them!
Sponsored Cats
We asked our supporters (you guys!) to help us get some of our longer term and mother cats adopted by helping with the adoption fee. We asked for you guys to pay the adoption fee of these cats so tha people who wanted to adopt the cats could adopt them without paying a fee. Several people graciously stepped up to sponsor cats and we are very appreciative! Out of the sponsored cats one has gone home:
Veruca- A mother siamese/tabby mix. She was with us for almost 8 months before she went home. 
Several sponsored cats are still waiting to go home, including:
Eureka (ADOPTED!)-
This girl came to us as a mother as well. Her kittens have since been adopted and now Eureka is waiting for a home. She is a sweet girl and loves to lounge on your lap and enjoy being petted. Her eyes are a beautiful green and will just steal your heart. She is not completely comfortable at Pets wihout Parents so she may not come out to meet her at first, but if you call her or offer a treat she would love to come out to see you.
A beautiful calico, Tabitha came to us almost a year ago. She was found as a stray on the street. She is a fiesty girl and plays like a kitten. She is a lot of fun and would love to have a family to give her the attention she deserves. As you can tell from the picture, she is just a goofball! She is living in the cat treehouse because she doesn’t like being cooped up in a cage (who would blame her!)
Currently living in our cat condo, Cheyenne gets along with all the other cats she shares the room with. She is a beautiful, gentle gal. She is not as active as some of the other cats, but would make a great lap cat.  She’s just as sweet as can be.
Hannah Belle was rescued as a stray mom over a year ago. Her kittens have since been adopted and now Hannah Belle is living in the cat condo while she waits for her home. As a tabby, Hannah Belle may not have the most unique markings, but she has a striking personality. She is one of those cats that almost acts like a dog! She is sure to follow you around and still has a playful side.
This girl is a beautiful white cat with a spot on her head. She also has beautiful green eyes! She came to us as a mother as well, and is now waiting in the cat condo for her forever home. She is very loving and sweet and would make the perfect addition to any family.
Please share these cats so they can find their forever home!
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Taj (ADOPTED!) is a hound mix up for adoption at Pets without Parents. He was born on January 18, which makes him about 7 months old. He came into our shelter with his mom, sister and four younger siblings. Everyone has been adopted except for him!


Taj probably doesn’t even realize that his life could get any better. He is such a carefree, happy boy and is content anywhere, even in the shelter. But we want more for him. We want him to have his own forever home, with his own family, and possibly other animals to play with!
If you meet Taj, his happy demeanor is sure to put you in a better mood.  His smile alone could melt your heart! But Taj has more to offer than just his beautiful smile. Taj also is very sweet. He loves to cuddle and to be petted. He is explorative and loves to go on walks to see the world. He walks well on the leash and is a quick learner!  He knows how to sit and comes when you call him. He is even house broken and knows to hold it until he gets a chance to go outside.
Taj LOVES other dogs and is quite a charmer. Other dogs seem to be drawn to him and he loves to play with  everyone he meets. He would make a perfect companion to somebody who already has a dog, or make a great dog park dog! However, since he loves people just as much, he would be happy with just people to play with instead.
Taj is a gentleman. When he walks by the cats in the shelter he knows not to be too pushy, although he does seem to get along with cats as well.  And despite his GIANT tongue, he is polite about not giving too many kisses. He also gets right back into his cage with no problem.
Taj is such a charmer; we are surprised he is still here! If you are looking to adopt, or know somebody that is, come by and visit Taj! He would make the perfect addition to any family. But Taj knows to be a gentleman, so he may not jump around in the cage to get your attention. Ask a staff member if you can get him out so he can show you his full personality!
Taj has been to several adoption events and seems to be comfortable in many new and different environments. He also gets along with all types of people, including kids!
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It’s not goodbye, it’s good luck

Written by Morgan Schunn- A PWP Volunteer and Foster

I went to Pets without Parents last Monday to say goodbye. I walked up the stairs and into the Kitten Condo where Jax had been for a month or two. You see, Jax was special to me. He was my foster for about 4 months.

I took in Jax and Lex when the power went out back in the winter and decided to keep them for a while to foster them. The first couple of days I couldn’t even touch either of them. They were both completely terrified and would hide under my bed. After a couple days Jax became a little more relaxed, but Lex was still very afraid. If I would even look at him, he would run and hide.

After a couple of weeks of working with them, and rearranging my apartment so there was nowhere the cats could hide, the two had no choice but to face their fears. I didn’t rush them. I gave them their space. But with treats and the mere fact that I was around, the two started to become comfortable with my presence. Jax quickly decided I was a friend. After just a couple weeks he would lie with me and let me pet him. Soon, he would even let me pick him up! Once Jax seemed comfortable, I reluctantly decided it would be better for him to go back to the shelter so people could meet him.

I dropped Jax off in the Kitten Condo, but kept Lex for further fostering. For some reason, now that Jax wasn’t there to play with, Lex decided I’d make a good companion. After 2 months in my apartment, he finally started to let me pet him. He would sleep on the bed with me and even purred! Yes, the first time he purred was one of the best days! I was able to help this previously weary cat through love and patience.I was able to show him what being a cat should be: lying around, getting petted, and playing!

After a couple more weeks with Lex I decided it was time for him too to go back to Pets without Parents. He went into the Kitten condo and was reunited with his brother Jax while they both waited for a home.

By this point Jax had become the perfect cat. He loved to be petted and easily tolerated being held and loved on; quite a difference from the cat that hid under my bed months before.

Days and weeks went by, until finally Jax got an application. It was approved and I was told Jax would be going home on Tuesday. Happy and sad at the same time, I went in Monday to say goodbye to my baby. Out of the 16 cats I’ve fostered in the last year, Jax is my favorite. It is amazing how he went from being absolutely afraid of people to having more trust in humans than most cats ever have.

I had seen Jax and was volunteering at Pets without Parents when I got a surprise: Jax’s new family came in to pick him up a day early. I was so happy to meet the people that my boy would call his forever family. You see, I really wanted to see him off, but I knew I wasn’t able to come in Tuesday, so I had come Monday to at least say bye. That is why I was so ecstatic when his family came while I was there!

I was reassured by the awesome family that would take my Jax and love him for the rest of his life. He truly deserved such a loving family. I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to cry. Up until now I hadn’t shed a tear when I had to give up a foster, but I was sure I would this time because Jax was my favorite. Between the apparent happiness of the family and the conversation I had with them, I forgot all about being sad. Instead of saying goodbye, I told Jax good luck. Good luck with your new home. Good luck with your new family. Good luck with the rest of your life! Because Jax now has a forever home.

It is important that people realize that, yes, it is hard to foster. It is hard to become attached to an animal that you know you will have to give up. But in the end, you are helping that animal get the life it deserves. You are also opening a space for another cat to come into the shelter. When people decide not to foster, they are choosing not to help save a life. Fostering helps not only the animals, but the people that do it as well. While having a foster pet in your home can be fun and rewarding, the ultimate reward is knowing you’ve helped your foster become the pet their forever family will love.

If you have thought it would be too hard in the past, I hope you look at this story and decide it is worth giving fostering a try. More fosters means more lives can be saved!

While Jax has gone home, Lex is still waiting in the Kitten Condo. He still hides from people, but likes to be petted. Please visit him and help me finish teaching him that humans are ok. That way he will trust someone enough to get his own forever home too.

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Volunteer Blog Post

Written by Jess, a PWP Volunteer and former staff member

Walking dogs is one of my favorite Pets without Parents volunteer activities. I sometimes take my dogs to the shelter to walk them with some of the dogs there, which is a great socialization opportunity for both my dogs and the adoptables while providing them all with the exercise they need. However, you should only do this if you get permission and are experienced enough to handle any problems that may arise.

On this trip, I walked my dogs first with Tavie (ADOPTED!) and then with her mother, Toya(ADOPTED!). Both of these hound mixes were easygoing and great with my dogs. 

TTavieavie is an amazing happy-go-lucky girl who was glad to walk with us, but also perfectly content to stay put and have a roll in the grass while I stopped to talk to another volunteer. She seemed very calm for her youthful 6 months, though she definitely has that puppy energy!

Her mother Toya is a petite pup with a great personality. She Toyawalked well on the leash and was outgoing and friendly with my dog Beau, but knew to give my other dog, Luna, some space (Luna sometimes gets overexcited around strange dogs). Her good canine social skills will be an asset if she goes to a home with other dogs.

These girls are laid back and incredibly friendly, and I’m sure they will make fantastic pets. Visit the shelter to meet Toya and Tavie, or any of the other available dogs. If you’re not looking for a pet at the moment, register for volunteer orientation and you can help Pets without Parents make a difference in the lives of homeless cats and dogs.

If you would like to write a post about your experience at the shelter, email

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